March 15th

5:30- Preshow:

Politicians’ Panel:

Running for, and being in office in Alberta

Nav Kaur, Former Candidate for City Council

Miranda Jimmy, Present Candidate for City Council

Laurie Blakeman, former Liberal MLA

Sandra Jansen, NDP MLA

Hosted by Trisha Estabrooks of the BROADcast


Roya Yazdanmehr, singer


Kelly Wolfert, writer, producer, director, cinematographer of Day of Change Film

Heather Sweet, NDP MLA, appears in the film: Day of Change, directed by Kelly Wolfert


 7:00- Films:

(click titles to view more information)

Short Film:

Day of Change Film

-A look inside the May 5th provincial election, and the NDP’s historic victory that changed the landscape of Alberta Politics.

Feature Film:

Kim Campbell: Through the Looking Glass

March 15th schedule poster EIWFF



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