Mayor Lisa Holmes

Lisa HolmesLisa Holmes was first elected to Morinville’s Town Council in 2010. She and her husband Thomas moved their family to Morinville in the summer of 2009, looking to recreate the fabulous adventures they had growing up in small rural communities.

Being engaged in the community that she lives in has always been important to Lisa and becoming a member of Council has allowed her to do that in a greater capacity. She represents Morinville as a member of the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission, Capital Region Board Land Use Committee and Capital Region Board Regional Transit Committee. She served as a Library Board Trustee for 3 years and is currently the council appointee to the Northern Lights Library System Board. After taking the Municipal Finance Course in the Fall of 2010, Lisa put forward a motion to Morinville’s Council to create a Finance and Audit Committee. This committee was established as a standing committee in 2011, with Lisa as current Chairperson. Lisa was the 23rd Municipal Politician in Alberta to graduate from the Elected Officials Education Program in the Fall of 2012 after completing all the course requirements in her first year of office.

Lisa was selected to represent Morinville provincially on the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association’s Women in Municipal Government Committee in 2011 and is currently in her second year-long term. She was also named one of eight Alberta Regional Champions for Women in Government through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and is serving as a mentor for youth interested in politics through the Canadian Women Voters Congress.

In May of 2013, Lisa was appointed by Premier Alison Redford to the Premier’s Council on Alberta’s Promise. She is one of 84 appointed members who work to further the Alberta Government’s commitment to Children and Youth in our Province.

In her other career, Lisa has worked for several non-profit organizations in fund development, marketing and as Executive Director. She is currently the Executive Assistant to the North Central Teachers’ Convention Association of the Alberta Teachers’ Association – organizing the annual two-day professional development convention for over 7,000 teachers from areas surrounding Edmonton.

Her other great loves are photography, reading and spending time with her two sons, Nathan (10) and Zachary (7).

The life that a small town has to offer has been an important part of the plan that Lisa and her husband have to raise their family. She believes strongly that once you choose to make your home somewhere it isn’t enough to invest your money in real estate -you need to invest yourself and your time into the community as well. A community is only as strong as it’s residents and like the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” – it takes volunteers, service and commitment to build a community.  Family takes the most importance with Lisa and she knows that she can be a strong advocate for other families that have chosen for Morinville to be their home. Lisa is someone who is committed, passionate, articulate and engaged – someone who will always be proud to speak for Morinville and the wonderful people that live here.


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